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2021, Press Releases

University Students Find Connection Through Off-Campus Housing

Attending university can be a wonderful and exciting experience, but it can also bring its own unique challenges as students begin to take on more responsibilities. Auden Living has announced its Residential Experiences Program aimed at helping university students on its off-campus housing complexes across the country improve their social experience while living away from home.

For many people, university is about much more than just studying. Students are learning new subject matter for their degrees, but they are also learning about who they are. Sometimes, students need some extra support and encouragement to really thrive. The biggest piece of advice new students will hear for finding that support is to join a supportive living community.

Auden Living’s off-campus housing communities located at universities across the country, including Cornell, Rice, University of Houston, University of South Carolina, and SUNY Albany cater specifically to university students with a unique approach to student living. Each Auden community engages students in an inclusive and positive way of living that is designed to foster a sense of belonging and contribute to the personal and academic growth of each residential student. With properties in Albany, Ithaca, Houston, Spartanburg and Buffalo, Auden Living is more than just a place to live; it’s an unmatched lifestyle.

Life at Auden provides a safe space where students can leave campus each day and unwind from school pressures. By bringing together its residents through community involvement and local area activities, Auden’s Residential Experience Program ensures that students won’t ever feel like just a number or a face in the crowd. The program is dedicated to connecting Auden residents through networking opportunities, community involvement and local area activities. International students benefit from Auden’s partnership with Bridges From Borders, a multicultural organization which provides a wellbeing care program for foreign students. All of Auden’s activities are directed at building peer relationships which aim to enhance students’ capacity for intellectual, social and interpersonal growth.

Auden Living also provides students with a place to learn life skills and gain independence, as residents will be responsible for paying bills, cleaning and purchasing and cooking their own food. The ability to truly live like a “real-world” adult, gives residents an opportunity to learn how to handle new responsibilities. By growing and learning together, residents build authentic, long lasting relationships that provide a support system for a successful university experience.

Fueled by a unique dedication to community, unmatched expertise and persistent innovation, Auden Living continues to push boundaries in the student housing industry. By providing customized communities designed to enhance the learning and living experience, Auden Living provides a residential connection to campus where students can grow, lead and inspire.

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