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About DMG


Through strategic partnerships and utilizing our broad network of relationships and resources in the real estate sector, institutions, and finance industries, the acquisitions team continues to devise and execute value-enhancing strategies contributing significantly to the firm’s aptitude for successful investments.

Investment Management
Accounting & Reporting
Construction and Property Management
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Our Mission

DMG Investments is committed to providing investors with unique solutions to create long-term value and solid investment performance across economic cycles.



A Chance for Growth

DMG’s acquisitions team identifies well-located and exceptional assets with opportunities to improve leasing, market positioning, physical layout, and capital structuring.

To date, DMG has deployed approximately $700 million of equity investing alongside institutional and private investors, endowments, investment managers, and family offices.


Private Investors


Investment Managers

Family Offices

Investment Management

Investment Management

The investment management team’s exceptional ability to devise and execute value-enhancing strategies contributes significantly to the firm’s aptitude for successful investments.

Accounting & Reporting

The accounting team provides asset-level, joint venturing, tax structuring, audit-monitoring, and financial reporting services for the firm and its investment partners. With backgrounds and experience from the Big Four accounting firms, DMG Investment’s professionals mitigate financial and administrative investment risk while providing efficient management execution.


Joint Venturing

Tax Structuring


Financial Reporting

Leasing, Construction & Property Management

The firm’s in-house property and construction management capabilities allow for direct investment oversight from hand-on ownership and increased tenant interaction, further solidifying the firm’s relationships and standing within the real estate industry.

Our Strategic Approach

We seek to acquire and manage assets that reflect the “new world” being shaped by globalization, digitalization, and changes within our society.